Karen Angstadt art

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Fluid Ink Designs

Artist Statement

I have always loved the impressionists. Their ability to capture the essence of a scene without including every detail made me feel I was part of the work's completion. I feel the same about my Suminagashi ink designs. In a comparable way, they require an observer to see substance within them to make them more complete. Each viewer then, lends himself or herself to the process of creation.

My Suminagashi ink designs begin by painting the surface of water with colored ink. Once I am satisfied with the colors, I sometimes blow across the water’s surface or stir the color. Most often, the ink moves naturally as a result of the ocean breeze that crosses into my studio space as I work. Prepared fiber - various fabric or paper - is then used to capture the color from the surface.

I love the fluid movement of the finished work. I especially like the uncertainty. I can plan in a general way- the colors, the saturation, even the shape to a degree. But then a small breeze or rush of air will stir the concoction and everything changes in unexpected ways.

This playfulness and uncertainty seems a good metaphor for life. Unexpected events are part of a full life experience. This work reminds me to look for beauty within the unexpected; to find the spaces of intensity within myself and honor them; and to appreciate the wonder of "mistakes" as I learn and grow in this lifetime.